Scrutiny of the Electrical Installation scheme
All Electrical installations works at the premises of HT/ EHT consumers or such other installations specified in The Central Electircity Authority ( Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply ) Regulations 2010 and The Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1988.shall be carried out only after getting prior approval in writing from the Electrical Inspector concerned 
Approval of Schemes is issued from the Electrical Inspectorate after detailed scrutiny of the scheme and all relevant drawings.
Initial Inspection and Issue of Safety Certificate
The electrical contractor shall carryout the work in accordance with the approved scheme and submit Completion report of work to the Electrical Inspector.
An inspection of the work is conducted.
Safety certificate and sanction for Energisation is issued 
Periodical Inspection of Electrical Installations
  • Annual Inspection of High Tension and Extra High Tension installations of suppliers, licencees, sanctionees and all consumers
  • Annual Inspection of Generators, Lifts, Neon-signs , X-ray  units  and Multistoryed buildings 
  • Periodical Inspection of all MV Installations once in two years 
  • Periodical Inspection of Cinema Theatre installations and issue of safety Certificate