The main functions of the Department is to ensure safety of all electrical installations as per the provisions of section 53 of Electricity Act 2003.      
The Central Electircity Authority ( Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply ) Regulations 2010 stipulated various Regulations to be enforced by the Electrical Inspector for ensuring safety in the installations and maintenance of Electrical Installations. Scheme approval is being issued for the electrical installations by this Department. Once the installation is completed, thorough inspection will be conducted by this Department and if it is in order sanction for energisation will be issued. The Licensee / KSEB will issue electrical supply to the installations based on the sanction order issued by this Department.      
All the HT/EHT installations, Installations of X-ray, Neon-sign, Lift, Generator, multistoried buildings etc. are periodically inspected by the field officers of this Department and the lapses if any noticed will be brought to the notice of the consumer for rectification.      
The Licensing Board constituted vide Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board Rules is functioning under this Department. The main functions of the Board is to issue Licences and permits to competent persons for the installation and maintenance of Electrical Installations. Three categories of contractor licences are issued based on the competency of the supervisor employed and the adequacy of the infrastructure facilities available with the contractor.      
Wireman permit and Supervisor permit are issued after conducting tests and interview by the Licensing Board.      
Board of Examiners for Cinema Operators constituted as per the provision of Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Act is the authority to issue licence for the cinema operators. These licences are issued after conducting written and practical tests by the Board of Examiners for Cinema Operators Safety Certificate for the electrical installation at the premises of all categories of cinema theatre are issued by the Electrical Inspectors. Periodical inspections are also conducted as per the periodicity prescribed in Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Rule 1988.      
A full fledged Lab for testing and calibration of various electrical appliances, instruments, protective devices and electrical installation is functioning at Thiruvananthapuram. This is the only Lab under the State under Government having NABL accreditation for electro technical calibration. In addition to the above Regional Labs at Thiruvananthapuram. Ernakulam, Trissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kollam, Kottayam, Malappuram, Kannur are also functioning under the department. There is also a mobile testing unit, functioning under Meter Testing and Standards Lab, Thiruvananthapuram for conducting tests at consumer premises at various districts.     
As per the new regulation by the Central Electricity Authority, all the Energy Meters of consumers have to be calibrated before installation and once in five years, after installations, in an NABL accredited Laboratory. A proposal for upgrading the existing labs and setting up of 5 other labs with NABL accreditation facility has already been submitted to the Government.      
Chief Electrical Inspector and Accounts Officer of Chief Electrical Inspectorate are designated as the duty inspectors as per Kerala Electricity Duty Act 1963 and Kerala Electricity Surcharge Act 1989. The books and records of KSEB and other licences are inspected by the Officers to verify the amount of duty payable under the above Acts.      
Chief Electrical Inspector has been appointed as the "Appropriate Authority" by the Government of Kerala to implement the provision of the Household Electrical Appliance (Quality Control) Order 1981 and Electrical Wires Cables, Appliances and Protective Devices and Accessories (Quality Control) Order 2003.      
One of the main functions of the Department is to conduct inquiry into electrical accidents. All fatal and non fatal electrical accidents are inquired into by the field officers to find out the exact cause of accidents. Action will be taken against the persons responsible for the accidents and to prevent such accidents in future. A detailed report on each accident will be send to Government and a consolidated report will be sent to Central Electricity Authority annually.     
Government have constituted State Level and District Level Committees to review various aspects relating to electrical accidents and to take remedial means for reducing electrical accidents in future.  Chief Electrical Inspector is the Chairman of the State Level Committee.  The Chief Electrical Inspector is a Member of the Board of KINFRA, Energy Management Centre, Kerala.  The Chief Electrical Inspector is the Vice Chairman of the National Safety Council (Kerala Chapter) and has membership in the Central Board of Irrigation and Power.  Also, the Chief Electrical Inspector is a Member of the Technical Committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), New Delhi. Chief Electrical Inspector is also a member of High Level Committee of Government for the speedy clearance of investment proposals under Industries Department and in the Single Window Clearance Committee of Tourism Department