All Fees of Department of  Electrical inspectorate are revised as per  G.O. (Ms) No 34/2012/PD dated 31.12.2012, G.O.(Ms) No: 15/2013/ PD dated 05.04.2013, G.O. (Ms) No: 40/2013/Fin dated 30/08.2013, G.O. (Ms) No: 44/2018/Fin dated 17.03.2018 and G.O. (P) No. 28 /2019 / Fin Dated 08.03.2019.



Electrical inspectorate offices-  DDO Code

Fee for the issue of new and renewal licence to contractors

Modes of Fee payment

Testing fee for electrical instruments in the Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory


Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board Fee


Inspection Fees for  Cinema Installations


Board of Examiners for Cinema Operators Fees


Inspection fee for Electrical Installation