The Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory (MTSL) has availed NABL accreditation for electro technical calibrationduring 2003 and it is the only Government Lab in the State.






The Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory consists of the following divisions


  • Calibration Laboratory
  • Electrical Testing Laboratory 
  • High Voltage Testing Laboratory
  • Acoustic Laboratory
  • Photometry Laboratory


Calibration and Testing facilities available in the meter testing and standards laboratory.


  • Calibration of Calibrators
  • Calibration of Energy Meter
  • Calibration of Ammeter– AC & DC
  • Calibration of Watt meter
  • Calibration of Frequency meter
  • Calibration of Power factor meter
  • Calibration of Earth tester
  • Calibration of Insulation Tester
  • Calibration of Phase sequence Indicator
  • Calibration of Multimeter
  • Calibration of Harmonic Analyser
  • Transformer Oil Testing H.V Test of wires, cables, conduits, insulators, etc
  • Testing of current transforme Testing of potential transformer
  • Testing of CT/PT units
  • Testing of power and distribution Transformers All precommissioning tests for Transformer, Generator, Motors
  • Testing of relays using primary and secondary injection
  • Testing of Isolators, Switches, MCB, MCCB etc.
  • Measurement of sound level
  • Measurement of luminous intensity
  • Measurement of Harmonics upto 50th Harmonics with data logging Facility
Mobile Testing facility available  in the  Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory. 
The lab is also equipped with a  state of art mobile testing unit for testing the equipments at the consumers site.
The following testing is done by the Mobile Testing Unit.

1. All types of relays, including microprocessor relays by secondary injection
2. High voltage test on cables
3. Harmonic analysis
4. Polarisation Index value
5. Contact Resistance Test
6. Energy Meter Testing
7. Current Transformer Testing
8. Circuit breaker Testing

Lab Testing Fee

Application Form for Lab Testing

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