Every Owner of a place who is permitted to erect a lift / escalator in such place under rule 3 of Kerala Lifts and Escalators Rules, 2012,  shall on completion of such erection of lift / escalator intimate the matter to the Inspector and apply for license.


Following documents are to be submitted for obtaining the license to work a lift/escalator

1. The intimation regarding the completion of the erection of lift / escalator and the application for license shall be in 'Form C'.

2. A work completion report of the erection or the lift / escalator in 'Form D' as obtained either from the authorized manufacturer of Lifts or escalators.

3. Form of completion report from licensed contractor for electrical works of lift / escalator in 'Form E'.

4. Original chalan for fee of Rs. 4200/- (Rupees Four Thousand and Two Hundred only) towards the license remitted into Government Treasury under Head of Account 0043-00-102-99 (through Treasury Manual chalan/ eChalan/ JSK)


On receipt of an application, the Electrical Inspector will arrange for inspection of the lift / escalator within fifteen days and if all the  requirements in accordance Rules are complied with, license in Form F will be granted within fifteen days from the date of receipt of report of rectification of defects if any, which will be valid for three years.


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