The following documents are to be submitted for obtaining the permit to install a lift/escalator

1.   Application form in 'Form A'.

2.  Quadruplicate copies drawings duty signed by the applicant, authorised signatory or manufacturer or lift / escalator to whom the lift / escalator erection work is entrusted and licensed electrical contractor to whom the electrical erection work is entrusted showing the following particulars, namely:-

  1. the schematic drawing of lift / escalator installation including the earthing diagram,
  2. Layout of plan of erection with machine details;
  3. Sectional elevation;
  4. Passenger capacity

Note: Additions or alterations proposed to be made to existing lift / escalator installation shall be shown by distinct colour.


3. Copy or approval obtained from the Local Body concerned for the Building Plan.

4. An original chalan of Rs. 2100/- (Rupees Two Thousand and One Hundred only) towards application fee for each lift / escalator installation remitted into Government Treasury under Head of Account 0043-00-102-99 (through Treasury Manual chalan/ eChalan/ JSK)


On receipt of an application mentioned above, the Inspector after scrutiny will intimate if any non-confirmities exist, if so shall be corrected and resubmitted. After scrutiny, if everything is found in order, The Electrical Inspector may grant permission in 'Form B', after which only the installation work shall be commenced, which will be valid only for a period of one year.


To Download Form A  Click here